What We Do


Scents for the soul

There are many candle makers out there.  All of them seem to use the same buzzwords to entice you to buy their candles.  There seems to be more interest in the process than the result.

At Violet Moon Candle Co, we are different.  Certainly the process is important.  We use a custom soy wax blend.  We carefully source our fragrance and essential oils for safety and authenticity.  We use lead-free all -cotton wicks.  All of our containers can be repurposed for use in your home.  We carefully select the botanicals for our wax melts and our simmering potpourri and we dry them ourselves.  We are constantly looking for new fragrances and unique containers to add to our collections.

But we believe there is more to candle-making than just the process. The reward for our efforts is producing candles and candle related products that bring joy to your home in the form of a memorable fragrance, a splash of color, or a soft light on a winter night.

What we do is create candles that create feelings.  That’s not quantifiable. It’s not a process.  It’s our mission.


Good things are worth waiting for

It takes time to make a candle.
At Violet Moon Candle Company

We take the time to do things right...


Six months in the life of a Violet Moon candle

I am a Violet Moon Candle in my signature amber-frosted Calypso Jar.  I am beautiful to behold and wonderful to smell.  But, I didn’t start out that way.   What you see today is a result of a six month long process.  Let me tell you how I came to be.

Six months ago I was a “wouldn’t it be nice if…” kind of candle. I was thought about and debated upon. My fragrance was carefully sourced to ensure authenticity.  My wax type was decided upon based on availability, sustainability, burn quality, fragrance capacity and appearance. My container was chosen and my wick was selected. Who would I most appeal to?  I was compared to other candles and improved upon. It was exhausting and exciting!

Then came the design.  What would my label look like?  What color would my wax be?  Would I be a part of an existing collection of other Violet Moon Candles or would I start a brand new collection?  Would I have more than one size? Would I be a candle that would be available all the time, or just during certain seasons?

On the day of my creation my glass container was gently warmed.  My lead-free all-cotton wick was set in place.  My custom soy wax blend was melted to 185 degrees,  my color and fragrance were added, and, after a number of minutes of cooling, I was hand-poured.

I was allowed to rest undisturbed until I cooled completely. A sprinkling of bling was added to my top.

Yet I am still not ready for sale.  I am tested for wick size, fragrance load, and burn quality.  If I am not perfect, changes are made and I am tested again.

At long last, I am approved!  I am wrapped in a beautiful Violet Moon label, topped with a cork lid, and adorned with a violet check ribbon. Then I have to sit for two weeks to allow my fragrance to fully develop.

Finally, I am ready to go to your home!   I am snugly placed among violet paper crinkles in a gift box tied with a matching ribbon.  Then I am placed in a heavy duty mailer to ensure I arrive at my destination in perfect condition. So you see, it is not a quick and easy process.  Especially since I am made by hand at every step of the way- from my label design, printing and placement, to my pouring, creation, decoration, boxing and mailing.