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Fetaured products

“Featured Products” may include customer top rated fragrances, newly introduced fragrances, special offers, limited edition fragrance collections or unique and unusual containers. We change our featured products regularly to showcase items we think you might particularly enjoy.


Our candles are made with a custom blend of American-grown soy wax and food-grade refined paraffin wax. This give us all the attributes of both waxes and produces candles that are clean-burning, beautifully colored, and richly scented. It also allows our candles to cure faster and endure warmer shipping temperatures. Even when the wax is melted and cooled, our soy blend candles retain their smooth and creamy finish, making them lovely to behold whether burning or not.

To get the best burn from your candle, try to have 2-4 hours available to you when burning your candle for the first time.  This allows the wax to melt and spread properly and produces the highest amount of fragrance in future burns. Candles do have memory, so if you burn a candle for a very brief time initially and the wax has not spread sufficiently, the next time you burn it the candle will probably not burn past the point of its original spread. This is called “tunneling,” and it is a phenomenon that all good candle makers hate. It not only affects the fragrance strength, but it wastes a good deal of wax.

We offer three different collections of soy candles. Our signature jar candles come in beautiful colored glass calypso jars with cork tops. Two different sizes of calypso jar candles are available12 ounce and 16 ounce. Not many candle companies use these jars, as to obtain them can be difficult.For those of you who prefer a sleek, modern look, we also offer traditional silver candle tins in nontraditionalsizes11 ounce and 17 ounce.

Finally, our Farmhouse Collection is for the country in all of us, with familiar, homespun fragrances reminiscent of a West Virginia Farm. The Farmhouse Collection comes in 8 ounce rose gold or traditional gold tins. Perfect for buying in sets.

All of our candles are labeled with our in-house custom designs, then snugly tucked among violet crinkle paper and packaged in a Kraft gift box. Our Violet Moon logo label is placed on the top of the box, and the box is tied with our violet check ribbon. The entire package is placed in a sturdy box for mailing to ensure our candles get to you unharmed. Perfect for gift giving right out of the box!

A word about fragrance: we know that when buying a candle in a brick and mortar store, the first thing you do is to lift the lid and inhale deeply. We wish there was a scratch and sniff page on our website so you could do the same, only virtually! In the shop, each individual candle’s fragrance is described in detail, but we do recommend you read our blog article, ‘Fragrances Demystified’ to clarify some of the terms we use in our descriptions.

Wax Melts

Wax melts are the perfect solution for you if you feel uncomfortable with an open flame- perhaps you have small children, or (like we do!) rowdy pets, in which case of flame may be dangerous. Melts are molded wax in various colors, shapes and fragrances which are heated in a warmer. The warmer gently and slowly heats the wax and the fragrance is released.


We offer two different collections of wax melts-The Violet Moon Collection,with subtle colors and dried botanicals, and the Farmhouse Collection, fun and vibrant with a sprinkling of our signature bling. These melts are beautifully packaged as a set of six, using a combination of three different fragrance types.We also offer the traditionally packaged clamshell melts-six wax cubes of all the same fragrance, in a protective, resealable, plastic container.

Wax Tablets

Wax tablets are unique in the candle world. Designed to act as a sachet rather than a melt, tablets can be hung in closets, placed in drawers, or displayed in a window. The sun coming through the window will gently heat the wax to produce a stronger fragrance. Just make sure you choose a window that does not get overheated, as soy wax can melt on a 100degree day. Our tablets are made with 100% soy wax, artfully arranged dried botanicals, and essential oils. No dyes are added, as the natural color of the soy wax acts as a neutral canvas for the botanicals. They are packaged as a set of six of the same fragrance, nicely gift-boxed, complete with matching satin ribbons for hanging.

Simmering Pot Pourri

Often called “simpot” for short, simmering Pot Pourriis the newest trend in home fragrances. Don’t picture the potpourri of days gone by, a collection of artificial looking dyed botanicals with a few seashells or pieces of driftwood thrown in for good measure. Instead, picture an organic combination of fresh dried herbs,dried flowers and evergreen berries,sliced dried fruit, exotic spices, and black tea leaves blended with different essential oils. When heated in water and allowed to simmer, the elements of our potpourri re-hydrate and produce a natural fragrance that can fill an entire room. The herbs, flowers and evergreens for our potpourri are grown here on our farm. We purchase the fruit fresh from the local market. We dehydrate all of these elements ourselves, onsite, here in our studio.We obtain our spices, tea leaves and essential oils from reputable, fair trade, organic suppliers. The result is an aromatic addition to your home fragrance repertoire. Our potpourri is packaged in 4 oz. resealable bags to ensure freshness. A word of cautionthis looks good enough to eat, but please don’t! We would rather you enjoy the fragrance of our botanicals than consume them!

Unique Container Candles

We are huge fans of flea markets, estate sales and antique stores, where we often see unusual vessels.We think to ourselves, “What a great candle container this would be!” This happens often enough where we finally gave in and decided to offer a collection of candles in unique, one-of-a-kind containers. We’ve used teapots, sugar bowls, creamers, candy dishes and teacups, but we’re always on the lookout for that special dish that would be perfect for a candle.As it takes time to gather these containers (a very enjoyable process!), we only offer our unique container candles several times throughout the year. These candles are “one off” designs and come only in the fragrance our candle maker has chosen


We currently offer several accessories to help make your candle experience more enjoyable and enhance the longevity of your candles-wick snuffers and wick trimmers. We are on the lookout for more decorative and useful accompaniments for your candles and will bring them to you as we expand our candleware.