Gift Cards

We understand your problem- so many lovely things, how do I choose a gift for my best friend (or mother, sister, aunt grandmother, teacher, partner, husband, wife….)?


We’ve got the perfect solution- DON’T!  More specifically, don’t choose anything in particular.  Buy a gift card instead, and let your recipient choose!


We offer gift cards in denominations of $30 and up.  Our gift cards are sent electronically to you, allowing you customize a note before the card is sent on to your recipient.  Since the card is sent electronically, you receive it immediately (avoiding a potential disaster if you are close to that special day! ), with no nonsense, no fuss.  What could be simpler?

Gift Baskets

A perfect gift basket is a joy to behold.  Beautiful things artfully combined into a single package.

If you have been lucky enough to receive a gift basket from someone, you know how much fun they are.  From the moment you take a gift basket from its delivery box, you are intrigued.  What surprises await underneath the protective plastic and violet ribbon?  As you unwrap the basket, the gift is revealed.  You know what comes next, we all do it- take each item out of the basket individually, examine it, “ooh” and “aah” a bit…and then the best part, enjoy it!

At Violet Moon Candle, we LOVE creating gift baskets.  We offer several different size baskets and a number of different product combinations that we know are “wow” worthy.  (A recent testimonial given by one of our gift basket recipients was just that:  “Wow!” she said. “Just plain wow!”)

Other Gifts


Ok, we know they’re not candles.  But we saw these pots and thought,

“What could we do with these?”  Somebody said, “We could grow min cacti in them.”  Initially we scoffed.  After all, we are a Candle Company, not a plant company.  But then we paused.  The pots are cute… and the succulents are so pretty… Why not??  And a gift was born.

We’re sure we’ll come up with other non-candle related stuff that we think is perfect, so check back frequently!  Who knows what we will offer next!